Welcome to Frugal & Focused! I’m so glad you stopped by my new home on the web. If you’re joining me from Life In Focus or The Money Jar, I extend to you my utmost gratitude for hanging with me through the changes. If you are a new reader, I’m so glad to have you along for this journey. This blog came about after much consideration and prayer. I did not take making this change lightly but ultimately I believe this will work much better for my life and hopefully be a blessing  to my readers.

So what can you expect here at Frugal & Focused?

Faith & Family-For my Life In Focus readers this will just be business as usual. I will continue to share my kids, my faith, my life just as I always have.

Frugal Living-I will be sharing tips and ideas that I have learned that allow me to live a financially responsible life and make the most of our financial blessings. This will range from coupon organization, inexpensive home decor, pantry and freezer organization and much, much more. I shared posts like this from time to time at The Money Jar but they will be more frequent here.

Menu Planning & Recipes-Every Monday I will be sharing my menu plan for the week. I often share recipes and recipe links in my menu planning posts. I am also doing more cooking from scratch and plan to share more recipe posts than I did at my other blogs.

Photography-I will continue to host Through The Lens Thursday as I did at Life In Focus. I will also be offering more photography related posts. I’ll be sharing resources, things I’ve learned, things I’m learning and more.

Reviews & Giveaways-I love trying new products and offering giveaways to my readers. I frequently offered giveaways over at The Money Jar and will continue to offer these here.

I am also providing a Frugal Resources tab with links to some of my favorite frugal blogs. I will continue to update it and hope you will find it useful.

So, thanks again for stopping by my blog! I hope you’ll stay a while. Please feel free to subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Ya’ll come back now!

Janet is a mom to two daughters and is married to her best friend. Her belief that we are blessed so that we may bless others fuels her writing at frugalandfocused.com where she shares her thoughts on faith, family, and frugal living. She strives to make the most of what she's given in life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.