Focus On Thanksgiving: How Thankfulness Drives Us To Action

focus on thanksgiving

Welcome to the last week of my Focus On Thanksgiving series. We’ve discussed ways to cultivate a thankful heart and have given thanks for God’s creation and the blessings he’s given us. While I think it’s important to live our lives being thankful for what we have, I don’t think it ends there. When you are truly thankful for your blessings it overflows. You don’t just pause to lift up a prayer of thanks or make an effort to tell someone special how much they mean to you. When you’re all filled up with gratitude, you see things differently.  Your world gets bigger. You don’t just see the need; you act on it. You want others to be as filled up as you are so you give and then you give some more.

You give your time to your child’s school because you see the difference that teacher is making in your child’s life and you want to give back to them.

You buy extra school supplies because your kids are blessed with a good education and the resources they need to flourish and you want other kids to have that.

You donate bags of food to the local food pantry because your pantry is full.

You give your extra coupons to the person standing next to you in line because you have more than you need.

You pack shoe boxes filled with tiny treasures so that children around the world will have the same hope you have.

You send a note of encouragement to a friend who is feeling tired and alone because you remember a time when you felt that way and a friend reached out to you.

You help build a house because you have a roof over your head.

You drop coins into red buckets because you want others to be blessed as you are blessed.

You give micro loans to entrepreneurs in poverty stricken countries so that they can have an opportunity for a better life because your opportunities are endless.

You walk to raise money for cancer research because you’re a survivor or you know a survivor.

You go on mission trips, teach Sunday School, provide nursery care, or drive a church bus because you’ve been given the most precious gift of life in Christ and you want to share that gift with others.

And the more you give, the more you are filled up.

My prayer for us all this holiday season is that we are all so filled up with thankfulness that it overflows onto everyone around us and touches and changes their lives and our lives for the better.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

How has thankfulness driven you to action?

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