Focus On Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks For God’s Creation

focus on thanksgiving
 Psalm 104:24(NIV)
24 How many are your works, LORD!
In wisdom you made them all
Each season brings to life a new work of art created by God but fall may be my favorite. I am always awed by the rich azure skies, golden sun and striking brush strokes of gold, orange and red that adorn and then drift slowly down from the trees. The colors are bold and warm and bring with them feelings of deep appreciation of His masterpiece. I soak in this gift and let it fill my soul. It’s warmth will stay with me during the cold months of winter that lie just beyond this season.I can’t help but pause and give thanks for such a gorgeous creation. Our family gives thanks for this season not only with our words but in the things that we do. With the scorching temperatures of summer fading, we escape the air conditioned indoors and step out into the inviting and refreshing outdoors. This season is ripe for creating warm, family memories and we make every effort to do just that.

Here our a few of the ways we enjoyed and gave thanks for God’s creation this fall.

Attended fall-related community events – There were hay mazes, hay rides, cake walks and face painting. Time was spent outdoors together as a family interacting with those within our community. You couldn’t miss the comments about how nice the weather was, how blue the sky looked or how enjoyable it was to be spending time outside.

Enjoying the flavors of fall – When I think of fall one of the first things that comes to mind is apples. We’ve enjoyed an abundance of apples this fall. Some were eaten whole, others sliced and even some dipped in homemade caramel sauce. All were delicious!

Picking the perfect pumpkin – We’ve long enjoyed trips to the pumpkin patch. This year that tradition came to an end since real pumpkin patches don’t exist in Florida. However, we discovered that a trip to the roadside pumpkin stand was nearly as enjoyable. It’s all about the time spent after all.

Carving and decorating pumpkins – My girls look forward to the pumpkin carving and decorating  every year. I’ll be honest here, digging out pumpkin guts is not one of my my favorite things but the laughter from my girls during the process is priceless. I love to see what new face or design they come up with for their pumpkins. It’s always a fun afternoon spent together. We end it by decorating the front porch with their creations.

Time spent just enjoying the outdoors – During the dog days of summer I’d have to beg my children to go outside but as the cooler temperatures of fall prevailed they couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy playing outside. Many days after finishing homework they’d rush out the front door and stay until it started to get dark. While visiting family this weekend they naturally gravitated outside where they chased each other, played ball and raked and jumped into leaves. The beauty of God’s fall creation drew them out to play as it drew me out to take leisurely walks and capture the colors in photographs.

Every moment of laughter, every comment of appreciation, every memory made, every flavor of fall savored was a song of praise to the Creator. He fills our world with beauty all created by His hand. He gives us these gifts so that may enjoy them. How can we not praise Him and give thanks for his mighty works?

How do you give thanks for God’s creation in the fall?
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