Focus On Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks For Our Blessings

focus on thanksgiving

They are the people with whom you spend most of your time talking, laughing, sharing and enjoying. Some of them you see daily, others weekly or monthly, and some maybe just once a year or so.  They are your children, your spouse, your family and friends. They might include the members of your small group at church and church staff. They are your most special blessings; those in your life that fill your heart with joy on a daily basis.

Just as we love to give good gifts to our children, our Heavenly Father loves to give good gifts to us. He places these most special people in our lives and they make our lives richer and more beautiful. We receive opportunities each day to pause and give thanks for them. And I have to ask myself, “Do I?”

I must admit that while I am immensely grateful for these blessings I don’t always take the time to lift up a word of thanks to God for them. I don’t always take the time to write down why I’m thankful for them. I don’t always take the time to tell them how thankful I am God place them in my life. Sure, there are moments and occasions I tell them how much they mean to me; moments I pause to say a prayer of thanks for them but there needs to be more moments. I think this is an area in which I need to be more intentional.

I need to tell my husband more often how much I appreciate his working so hard to support our family. I need to tell him how much I love how he can always make me laugh and how much easier that has made facing the not so easy days of life. I need to tell him often how proud I am to be his wife.

I need to take the time to tell my kids that I am a better person because of them. I need to tell them that since they were born I’ve sought Jesus more so I can be the Mom they need me to be.  I need to tell them that just by being who they are my life is filled with more laughter, smiles, tenderness, love, purpose, glitter and joy than I ever thought possible.

I need to thank my parents more often for their unwavering love and support and providing a foundation of faith, my G.G. for inspiring me to enjoy life, my sister for being the person who celebrates with me and listens to me and my nephew for being such a great kid and important part of my life.

I need to thank my pastor for speaking God’s truth and my kids’ Sunday School teachers and AWANA leaders for teaching my children about Jesus and showing them His love. I need to thank my friends for standing by me, letting me pour out my heart and being an amazing support system.

Most of all,  I need to thank my Heavenly Father for them all! He has poured out his blessings on me and filled my life with so many amazing, inspiring, kind, loving, encouraging, helpful and supportive people. I am richly blessed indeed!

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done.
Johnson Oatman, Jr., 1897

Who are your most precious blessings? How do you give thanks for them?On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a wonderful guest post by Tracey at Girls To Grow. Be sure to check back then and see how Tracey names her blessings.
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