March ’11 Freezer Cooking Update

I spent this weekend cooking up some food to add to the freezer. Since I began freezer cooking last fall, I’ve found meal planning to be so much easier. I love choosing meals from the freezer each week to add to the menu plan knowing most of the work is already done.

Here’s what I managed to put in the freezer this month:
Chocolate Butterhorns (17)
Homemade Cream of Celery Soup ( 2 jars) This was so good!
4 dozen meatballs
1 pan enchiladas
1 bag taco meat
4 meatball calzones
4 cheese calzones

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  1. I haven’t done freezer cooking in awhile, but I need to get back to it. One of my favorite things is having ground beef (or venison, etc.) already browned and frozen so that it’s easy to add to a casserole, soup or other dish.

    I hadn’t thought of freezing chocolate butterhorns, but they would be great to have on hand as a quick snack (or even breakfast!)

  2. Ok, NOW I need to try the cream of celery soup recipe … was wondering if anyone else had and I see it here … excellent job in getting all that done …

  3. @Tracey-I love the chocolate butterhorns for breakfast. They’re not too sweet. I should have made fewer meatballs and more cooked ground beef for tacos/soup but they’ll get eaten.

    @Frugal in Florida- The soup had a really good flavor and I can’t wait to use it in casseroles. I imagine it will be great in a chicken pot pie.