29 Days Of Frugal Living: Day 24 – Use Cash

One change we made when we began budgeting was to start using cash for expenses. While we never adopted the cash system completely, we still write checks for some of our bills and use debit cards for gas and certain other purchases, we do use cash as a budgeting tool for part of our expenses.
The beauty of using cash is that it forces you to stick to your budget. When you run out of cash you stop spending money. It’s really that simple.

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Using an envelope system is a great way to organize and manage your cash. Simply divide your budgeted cash and put it in its designated envelope.
At the grocery store, you’re less tempted to throw a couple of extra items in your cart when you have $40 in cash in your grocery envelope to cover groceries instead of a debit card or credit card.
When you find yourself in the mood to go out to eat but the dining out envelope is empty, it’s time to get creative and make a restaurant meal at home.

Using cash is a useful tool to help you curb your spending. If you find yourself overspending in an area, switching to cash only can help you get your spending back on track. 

Using cash is a simple way to stick to a budget and make the most of your resources. 

Thanks for joining me for 29 Days of Frugal Living. Stop by tomorrow for another idea as we learn to make the most of what we’ve been given. 
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