29 Days Of Frugal Living: Day 28 – Freezer Cooking

Over time I have found a lot of ways to save money in the kitchen. I want to serve quality meals to my family but have a limited budget. Figuring out ways to save on food is a priority for me.


One way I’ve figured out how to save in the kitchen is by freezer cooking. Sometimes I do this once a month over one or two days. Other times I’ll spread it out over a week. And some months I’ll just double a recipe from time to time and put the extra in the freezer. Whatever approach you take to freezer cooking, it all helps out in the end.
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Here are are few ways freezer cooking can save you money:  

It makes you plan ahead.Whether you are doing one big freezer cooking session or just doing some batch cooking, you still have to plan ahead with freezer cooking. When you plan out what you’re cooking you can plan your make ahead items around what you already have or can purchase on sale which will save you money. 

You can buy in bulk. Even if the items you need for your freezer cooking aren’t on sale you can still save by buying in bulk. Just pay close attention to pricing. I most often do this with meat, chocolate chips, cheese & butter among other items.  

It keeps you out of the drive thru.When you have a meal in the freezer that you can pull out and heat up quickly, you won’t be so tempted to run through a drive thru and pick up dinner on a night you’re too busy or too frazzled to cook up a meal from scratch.

It keeps you from purchasing expensive processed foods. When you’re freezer cooking you’re typically making things from scratch. You can add homemade breakfasts, snacks and dinners to your freezer that you can grab whenever you need them. This keeps you away from overpriced meal kits and boxed snacks and breakfasts at the grocery store.

Another great way freezer cooking helps out is by saving you time. A little extra time spent one day or over a few days can save you a lot of time on a busy night. And our time is a valuable resource.   Thanks for joining me for 29 Days of Frugal Living. Stop by tomorrow for another idea as we learn to make the most of what we’ve been given.

Janet is a mom to two daughters and is married to her best friend. Her belief that we are blessed so that we may bless others fuels her writing at frugalandfocused.com where she shares her thoughts on faith, family, and frugal living. She strives to make the most of what she's given in life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.