Simple Gifts Are The Best Gifts

A foam football in an Easter basket has transformed afternoons around here.
For some reason my girls have never really liked playing in the backyard here in Florida. They’ve mostly stuck to riding bikes and scooters, drawing with chalk and running through sprinklers in the front. But then the football arrived.
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Now many an afternoon are spent in the backyard tossing the football around. And chasing it down when it’s thrown wildly over someone’s head, which happens a lot…on purpose…with a lot of laughter.

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I’m not really sure why it took so long for one of those footballs to make its way to our house but I’m glad it finally did. And seeing how much joy it’s brought our family reminded me that the simple gifts really are the best.

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It’s the simple gifts that often encourage time together, creating strong bonds and filling our lives with memories to cherish.

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What simple gift have you given or received lately that’s brought joy to you and/or your family?

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