6 Gift Ideas for Preteen Girls

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With a twelve year old daughter, I’m in the thick of preteen parenthood right now. And I love it (most of the time)! She’s a really great kid young lady. There’s been a definite shift in gift requests from her the last few years. No more dolls, no more play sets. It can be a bit challenging to figure it out sometimes.

Gift Ideas for Preteen Girls

Here are six ideas if you’re struggling with what to get the preteen girl in your life

  1. iTunes Gift Card – Sister bought her own iPod touch so she loves when she receives iTunes gift cards. This is a popular gift request among her friends as well.
  2. Books – I think books are always a good idea, no matter what the age of the child. Sister always has them on her list. If you’re unsure of what book to buy, go with a book store gift card.
  3. Lip gloss, nail polish, etc. – Not every preteen girl will want this but most of the ones I know love this kind of gift. Fix them up a little basket or box with a few of these items.
  4. A cool pair of shoes – Their growing fast right now and going through shoes like water. Getting them a pair of cool shoes that they love is always a fun surprise. Fuzzy boots are particularly popular around here.
  5. A camera – Yes, most preteens have a camera on their iPod or iPhone these days but they’re old enough to take care of a good quality camera now. And you never know, it just might encourage a love of photography, which in my opinion is always a good thing.
  6. A Study or Devotional Bible – Preteen girls are facing different challenges in life than they were a few years earlier. A good study or devotional Bible that is age appropriate is a great gift. My daughter really likes her Girls Life Application Study Bible and the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible.

What are your gift ideas for preteen girls?

gift ideas for preteen girls

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