Frugal Tip: Save On Auto Repairs And Maintenance With Coupons & Rewards Programs

Last month while taking my oldest daughter to school, I ran over a pair of pliers and they embedded in one of my tires. The damage was too bad for the tire to be repaired so we had to replace the tire. And while we have money set aside for just this kind of unexpected expense, it’s never fun to have to spend money on things like that.

Before paying for the new tire, my husband took a few minutes to check the shop’s website for coupons. He found a coupon for a certain percent off an in-store purchase and took it to the shop. Unfortunately, the tire was not in stock and had to be ordered. However, they honored the coupon and applied the discount to the service fees.

Since they didn’t have the tire in stock they didn’t have to give us the discount so we really appreciated their willingness to give us the discount anyway.

My husband also signed up for their rewards program and received $20 off of an oil change. He regularly gets coupon offers from them for services they provide.

Don’t assume you have to pay full price for auto repairs and maintenance. You can save money on these services if you take a few minutes to check for coupons, sign up for rewards programs or even ask if any discounts are available. Most service oriented businesses like auto repair shops will work with you if they can.

Do you try to save on auto repairs and maintenance?

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