Saturday Spotlight 7/20/13

Good Saturday morning! What is on your agenda this weekend? Today we’re having a fun little party where we get to wear fancy hats and eat ice cream. I’ll be sharing pictures on Instagram today and I’ll tell you more about it here on the blog next week.

Here are some of my favorite online finds as of late.

Skillet Sour Cherry Cobbler at Pure Sugar

5 Art Appreciation Lessons for Summer Learning at Melissa & Doug

Baked Basil Fries at Taste of Home

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your party sounds like fun and those basil fries sound amazing. I even have fresh basil to use up – just need the potatoes now. No exciting plans around here this weekend (it will be nice after the last two busy ones) but we’ll hopefully tackle housework, a couple of projects, and maybe I can take a birthday nap tomorrow (ha ha).

    • It was a fun party. I love to roast cut up potatoes but usually just drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder. These look much more flavorful. Hope you got that nap in.