Through The Lens Thursday #84 – Real Change

real change goals

I don’t make resolutions but I do have an ongoing list of goals that I work toward achieving. I think that both can be beneficial. Most of us want to be better versions of ourselves and the goals and resolutions are a way to attain that.

We have to be careful though. Those goals and resolutions can quickly become our focus, our idols. We end up following a list of things we have to do and things we shouldn’t do. We spend all of our time striving and end up frustrated and disappointed with ourselves.

The fact is, real change doesn’t  come from our striving but from our resting. When we rest in Christ, when we surrender our lives Him, when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, He works in our heart. He changes our attitudes. He fills us with His power and His love.

We become who He created us to be instead of who we think we should be.  And, y’all, His version of us is always better than ours.



  1. Love this. If we rest in Christ we have all we need. That one is the easiest to push to the side though. Thanks for the reminder.