It’s #GivingTuesday: Let’s Fund A Compassion Child Survival Program In India

We’ve made it through Grey Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. You may have shopped during those days so you could give gifts to those you love dearly this Christmas but today is #GivingTuesday and I’m asking you to share your love a little more and give to those you don’t know personally.

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Today, Compassion is doing something it’s never done before. They want to fund and launch a brand new Child Survival Program in Gujarat, India IN ONE DAY and they need $25,000 to do it.

This is where you come in. You can be a part of this amazing #GivingTuesday opportunity with your donation of any amount.


Nearly 1 in every 3 newborn deaths in the world occurs in India. That’s a lot of first steps never taken, first words never spoken, first birthdays never celebrated. Those precious moments that we moms celebrate are not guaranteed for many young moms in Gujarat, India.

In this small community, most of the mothers are teenagers with few resources to care for their children.

The average woman is just 18 when she becomes a mom here. More than 70% will give birth in their homes. Their children are malnourished and live in a community surrounded by illiteracy, alcoholism, child labor, child marriage and abuse.

{Courtesy of Compassion International:  Why Giving Tuesday Matters}

By partnering with Compassion to fund a Child Survival Program in this community, your support can mean the difference between life and death for these babies born into poverty.

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What does your donation provide?

This Child Survival Program will provide:

  • proper health care and nutrition for moms and babies
  • education in infant care & safety
  • an opportunity for the mothers to learn to read and write
  • a safe place for kids to learn and grow
  • the hope of God to families living in poverty

You can be a part of this amazing opportunity. You can take your first steps to releasing children from poverty so these moms can watch their babies take their first steps.

Will you join us and make a donation to the Compassion Child Survival Program in Gujarat, India?


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