Our Journey to Frugal Living: The Challenge Part 2

At the end of part 4 of Our Journey To Frugal Living, my husband had just found a job after being unemployed for 3 months. What we had learned about budgeting had been put to the test and we arrived on the other side of unemployment more focused than ever.

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We had only just begun to dip into savings when my husband returned to work so we were in good shape financially. Since we still had the money from the severance package in savings, we decided to use part of it to pay off the rest of the car debt that we had. Once we did that we were debt free aside from the mortgage. Eliminating the car debt gave us more room in our monthly budget which was a big relief since the new job paid almost 40% less then his previous job.

We started 2009 hopeful and ready to adjust to the changes in our life the last year had brought about but we had no idea what the year would hold for us. The challenge wasn’t over yet.

Let me backtrack to when my husband lost his job in September 2008. We had moved to Kentucky for the job he lost and we thought perhaps it would be a good time to move back to Alabama since he no longer had that job. Unfortunately, there were just no jobs available at that time but the idea had been planted to move south again.

In July 2009, things were going along pretty steadily but still that desire to move back down south lingered. My husband and I talked and decided that he would start putting some feelers out to see if there were any jobs available in any of the areas we wanted to live.

He immediately found two opportunities and did phone interviews with both places. Job B was a definite no go but Job A seemed quite promising, so another phone interview was soon set up for that job. A week and half later we hadn’t heard anything else from Job A so we figured it wasn’t going to go anywhere. We were cool with that. My husband had a job and things were going along just fine. We were just hoping that sometime by the summer of 2010 we’d be making our way back down south. There was plenty of time to look.

Then on July 23, 2009, our 15th wedding anniversary, my husband lost his job. We were dumbstruck. We had no idea it was coming. He went in for a meeting that morning and they let him go. They never really gave him an explanation beyond that he just wasn’t a good fit. Of course, it wouldn’t take long for it to become obvious that this had more to do with God’s plans for our life than it did the job loss.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, he received a call from Job A requesting an in person interview the following week in south Alabama. The girls and I had already planned a trip to Alabama to visit my family that next week so we decided we’d just take a family trip down there together. My husband managed to schedule two more phone interviews and another in person interview while we were down there.

On the way home from our trip, my husband got a call letting him know that Job C was a no go. We were somewhat disappointed but he had been told a decision about Job A would be reached by the following Monday so we should hear then. We were still hopeful.

Monday came and went without a phone call and so did Tuesday.  Finally, on Wednesday, a call came to say a decision hadn’t been made yet but he was still in the running. Then on Thursday he got the call with an offer. Two weeks after losing his job he had an offer!

It was the job that brought us to Florida. We’d wanted to live on the Gulf Coast for a long time so this was a dream come true for us. However, we still weren’t through with this challenge.

Join me next week for Our Journey to Frugal Living: The Challenge Part 3.

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Janet is a mom to two daughters and is married to her best friend. Her belief that we are blessed so that we may bless others fuels her writing at frugalandfocused.com where she shares her thoughts on faith, family, and frugal living. She strives to make the most of what she's given in life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.