Fun Family Activities To Help You Avoid Cabin Fever This Winter

I’m not a cold weather person. If possible, I would hibernate all winter long. That’s not very realistic though so I’ve learned that you have to make the most of it.

If you have kids, especially little ones, things can get a bit hairy and cabin fever can set in if you limit activities due to the cold weather. You may have to get a bit more creative than you do in the summer but there are plenty of fun family activities to enjoy this winter.

Avoid cabin fever this winter with these fun family activities.

Keep cabin fever at bay with these fun family activities.

Get Outside

If you have an aversion to cold weather like I do, sometimes you just need to push through it, bundle up, get outside, and have some fun. If you have snow you can build a snowman, go sledding, gather up fresh snow for snow cream, or stage an epic snowball fight. No snow? Then take a hike or go geocaching. The activity will warm you up and you can soak up some much needed vitamin D in the process.

Go For A Drive

If it’s just too cold to safely enjoy some outside time, consider taking a drive. Now if you have little ones who really do not like the carseat, then this activity may not be for you. However, if that’s not a problem, just getting out of the house and taking in the scenery is a great way to enjoy some family time.

Sometimes it’s best to just embrace staying indoors when it’s cold and blustery outside. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a winter day indoors.

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