March 2016 Highlights

March is winding down and I have no shortage of highlights to share. This month has been fun and crazy and a little stressful.

March 2016 Highlights Header

It wasn’t all highlights as we spent a good part of Easter weekend dealing with a septic back up that flooded our bathroom, closet, and part of our bedroom. All the professionals we worked with to get things cleaned  up and repaired were incredibly kind and made the process a lot easier to deal with. We still have work to do to put everything back that was torn out but it’s a lot less daunting than it all seemed in the wee hours of this past Saturday morning.

God always provides and we’re incredibly thankful that we have and emergency fund that got a little boost from our income tax refund to cover the costs.

But enough of that, let’s talk about the highlights.

Our New Fire Pit

March Highlights Firepit
My husband took a week’s vacation at the beginning of March and tackled the back yard. He’d already done a lot of work back there but he used that week to finish cleaning things up. We also managed to get a raised garden bed built as well as building a fire pit.  The previous owners left behind a big pile of bricks so we used some of them to make the fire pit on the cheap. My husband did most of the work but I did help.

We broke the fire pit in that Friday night and enjoyed some roasted hot dogs and S’mores. It was a fun family night and we’re looking forward to enjoying many nights around our fire pit.


march highlights azaelas


Since we bought our house after the spring bloom, I didn’t know exactly what kind of shrubs we had in our yard. Well, they are most definitely Azaleas. They’ve been showing off their colors to welcome spring.

They were trimmed like boxwoods when we purchased the house but once the spring bloom finishes, I plan to prune them in a more natural way.

Spring Break

Spring break may have been a bit challenging at the end but it started strong. The girls and I spent Palm Sunday weekend with my parents in north Alabama.

March Highlights Donna Birthday

While we were there we had an early celebration of my sister’s big milestone birthday.

Then, in a bizarre twist, it snowed on the first day of spring.  It came down hard for just a little while and then it was gone as quickly as it started.

My girls were so excited to see snow again and I couldn’t help but snap this shot of them watching it snow out my parents French doors. They used to love to sit at the door and watch it snow when we lived in Kentucky when they were little and this reminded me of that.

march highlights snow

I also managed to capture some video of the snow coming down that I shared on Instagram. The wind was blowing like crazy.

Snow at my parents in north Alabama on the first day of spring. So crazy.

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Easter Sunday

We wrapped up spring break on Easter. Despite the distractions of the weekend and the pouring rain, it was still a beautiful day to worship our risen LORD.

March Highlights Easter Collage

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