Make A Difference With Your Unused Gift Cards

When we closed on our house last June, our realtor gave us a restaurant gift card to thank us for choosing him as our realtor. The gift card is still sitting in a drawer unused.

We keep planning to use it but it’s for a restaurant we don’t normally eat at so we just haven’t. I’m sure we’d enjoy it if we did and yet, there it sits.  And honestly, I feel a little bit guilty because I know it’s just wasted money.

Chances are you have unused gift cards hanging around too. Check out the statistics in this graphic.

Compassion CardFunder

Yes, you read that right. $40 billion worth of unused gift cards in the US since 2005. Isn’t that crazy?!

Imagine the difference all those funds could make in the lives of the 400 million children living in poverty around the world.

Well, they can with CardFunder.

What Is CardFunder?

Cardfunder is a new crowd-sourcing tool being used by Compassion. This innovative corporate partnership allows Compassion to collect new, unused and partially used gift cards and turn them into funding to help children around the world escape poverty.

How Does it Work?

  1. Collect – Take your unused gift cards and either donate them in a CardFunder collection box or online.
  2. Sort – Gift cards are sorted to make sure they meet the eligibility requirements of being from a national retailer with no expiration date and at least a $15 balance. Any donated cards that fall outside these requirements are donated to partnering ministries.
  3. ExchangeEligible gift cards are sent to Cardpool, the leading secondary market for gift card exchange. Cardpool turns remaining balances into a corresponding cash value.
  4. Donate – Cardpool then sends the value of the donated gift cards to Compassion on behalf of the participating entity.

Funds received from Cardpool for the donated gift cards goes to Compassion’s Where Most Needed Fund to help cover the unexpected needs of the children they serve.

Check out this video to see how CardFunder works.

Compassion CardFunder from Compassion International on Vimeo.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant way to make a difference with our unused gift cards. So, check your wallets and junk drawers and donate your unused gift cards to make a difference in the life of a child living in poverty today.

If you have any gift cards you plan to donate, I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know as well as what you think of the CardFunder program.

Compassion CardFunder


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