Healthy Dinner Idea: Zucchini Red Bell Pepper Frittata (Real Food, THM)

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? It makes a regular appearance on my menu plan and is an easy way to get dinner made fast.

While our breakfast for dinner often includes scrambled eggs or pancakes, you can certainly step it up a notch with a recipe like this Zucchini Red Bell Pepper Frittata. Make sure you use the parmesan in this for extra flavor.

31 Days of Healthy Dinner Ideas: Zucchini Red Pepper Frittata

You can find the recipe here:

Zucchini Red Pepper Frittata at Primavera Kitchen

This makes a great real food meal. This frittata would also work as a THM(S) meal, just watch what you eat on the side to make sure it stays in the S category.

The beauty of frittatas is that you can make them so many different ways using your favorite meats and veggies. You can add a salad or fruit to the side to round out the meal.

This post is part of my 31 Days of Healthy Dinner Ideas Series. Be sure to check in daily for a new healthy dinner idea.


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